Ranger Kenneth
Mascot, pet, park ranger, dancer, and everyones favourite bright blue chicken!
Part of our family

Kenneth the peacock is quite the character, often sitting just outside the door to the tea rooms, he loves to watch people come and go. Occasionally, he feels like showing off his amazing feathers, and will do a little dance.

Not scared of working in the yard, you can quite often see Kenneth digging up bugs in the garden, and grass.

Kenneth is an avid explorer, and you can see him running around the park most days when the weather is nice.

A few videos of our blue chicken

Below is a YouTube playlist, we have more than 100 videos of Kenneth, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for more! Visit our YouTube Channel

Some glamour shots of the bird

He can be quite photogenic (if he's in the mood!)

Some images will be coming soon!

Some interesting peacock facts
Where is he from?
Kenneth may live in Mount Macedon now, but did you know that he is actually an Indian peacock? They are most commonly found in; India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
Cuteness overload!
Did you know that baby peacocks (peafowl) are called peachicks? How cute is that!? PS... Google it!
Peacock v Peahen
Most people call all of these birds "peacocks" but this is only correct for the males, the females are called "peahens"
The male is the brightest of the peafowl, he needs to be bright and colourful to attract a mate. While the female is quite plain in colouring, which helps her blend into the environment like a camoflauge. This lets her protect her eggs more effectively.
Party time!
A group of peafowl is called a "party" or a "pride."
Kenneth's feathers (during summer months) can reach as long as 6 feet in length!
Dinner time!
Peacocks will eat almost anything, but Kenneth's favourite foods include; corn (cooked... yes we spoil him), sunflower seeds, and the occasional fruit.
The average lifespan of a peacock like Kenneth is about 20-25 years if they are safe, and well-fed. We believe he is, at the moment only about 6 years old.
Yes they can fly!!! Although not very far
Kenneth drops his feathers every year around Autumn time! We always save these so that everyone can share in Kenneth's beauty, we sell the feathers in the giftshop, and the money goes towards feeding the hungry bird! :P
During the warmer months, peacocks will call really loudly to attract a mate
Kenneth... FLYING!

A very rare video of Ranger Kenneth flying up into the trees... In slow-motion! :)


An interview with Kenny...

How long have you been a park ranger?

What is your favourite food?

How long do your feathers grow?

Are you taking this interview seriously?

He then walked off to eat bugs... and then also squawked.

Kenneth stuff

We have a range of Kenneth related items in our giftshop, drop by and support this little guy!

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  • Mugs
  • Postcards
  • Magnets
  • Badges
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