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Improving our park, and the planet.

Top of the Range mascot: Ranger Kenneth

Our sensitive location

Top of the Range is located at the summit of Mount Macedon, right in the middle of Macedon Regional Park.

The park is 2,500 hectares of natural parkland, and bush, full of native flora, and fauna.

Our unique location in the park puts us in the position (and responsibility) to help protect our environment.

We have several meaures in place to make sure that the park is in a better condition than the day before.

Sustainability, and the environment

Here are some of the measures we are taking towards sustainable, and responsible operation of our business.

  • Eco-cups
    Our take-away cups are; compostable, and biodegradable. This includes the bio plastic lids, these are made from corn starch, meaning they will break down.

  • Paper packaging
    All of our packaging is either paper, cardboard, or bio-plastics.

  • Wooden biodegradable cutlery
    Our take-away cutlery is made out of biodegradable wood.

  • Drinking straws
    At present we use a bio plastic straw, these are made from corn starch, and are completely biodegradable. We are however moving to paper straws at present.

  • Composting
    Our kitchen waste gets composted on-site. This reduces the amount of compostable material going into our waste bins. We then use the compost on the gardens at the tea rooms.

Future projects

We are always looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Stay tuned for updates as we travel along this journey to become carbon-negative.

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