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Ranger Kenneth

Our handsome mascot

PHOTO: Top of the Range's mascot; RANGER KENNETH the peacock


Live pictures from Kenneth the peacock.

This feature is coming soon! :)


Meet Kenneth, our mascot...

Back in late 2011, we had a vibrant blue visitor show up at our door. We thought this bright coloured bird was just stopping by because he could smell our awesome scones, and that he would be gone as quickly as he showed up.

But the next day, we saw him again. This time we gave him some leftover scones, which he gobbled down fast! Before we knew it, this stunning peacock starting showing up every day. So we kept giving him brekky, then lunch, and making sure he had fresh water.

After a couple of months we realised that this peacock had a new home with us, and a new name! "Kenneth."


Ranger Kenneth

24/04/2021 - RANGER KENNETH
Kenneth the Peacock and his two peahens got some bird seed this morning, they like to eat the dried corn from the mix first.... //Read more...

Ranger Kenneth squawking at a passing truck

23/02/2021 - RANGER KENNETH
Kenneth making some noise... such a show off!... //

Kenneth the peacock got some peahens

14/01/2021 - RANGER KENNETH
So since relocating Ranger Kenneth from the tea rooms to the farm, we have been able to get some peahens.... //Read more...

Ranger Kenneth rolling around in the dirt

11/11/2020 - RANGER KENNETH
Kenneth loves a good dirt bath... he will roll around in the dirt for hours, just picking at worms, and bugs.... //Read more...

Kenneth the peacock gets a new food bowl

6/11/2020 - RANGER KENNETH
“Not sure about this!” He thinks at first. But we have bribed him by filling it with sunflower seeds, and mealworms. Two of his fave foods. ... //Read more...

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