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Ranger Kenneth

Videos, and multimedia

Top of the Range mascot: Ranger Kenneth


Live pictures from Kenneth the peacock.

This feature is coming soon! :)


Ranger Kenneth videos

An assortment of Ranger Kenneth videos... You can also check out our YouTube channel for more.

Ranger Kenneth

24/04/2021 - RANGER KENNETH
Kenneth the Peacock and his two peahens got some bird seed this morning, they like to eat the dried corn from the mix first.... //Read more...

Ranger Kenneth squawking at a passing truck

23/02/2021 - RANGER KENNETH
Kenneth making some noise... such a show off!... //

Kenneth the peacock got some peahens

14/01/2021 - RANGER KENNETH
So since relocating Ranger Kenneth from the tea rooms to the farm, we have been able to get some peahens.... //Read more...

Ranger Kenneth rolling around in the dirt

11/11/2020 - RANGER KENNETH
Kenneth loves a good dirt bath... he will roll around in the dirt for hours, just picking at worms, and bugs.... //Read more...

Kenneth the peacock gets a new food bowl

6/11/2020 - RANGER KENNETH
“Not sure about this!” He thinks at first. But we have bribed him by filling it with sunflower seeds, and mealworms. Two of his fave foods. ... //Read more...

Kenneth the peacock wandering around in the snow

23/09/2020 - RANGER KENNETH
Short video of Kenneth, our pet peacock wandering around in the snow back in 2018... //Read more...

Slow motion peacock eating worms

13/08/2020 - RANGER KENNETH
A slow motion video of kenneth the peacock eating worms for dinner at Top of the Range farm.... //Read more...

Ranger Kenneth the Peacock eating worms

10/06/2020 - RANGER KENNETH
Here he is in 2018 sifting through a garden looking for yummy worms.... //Read more...

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