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Friends Group update (09-Feb-2022)

News/info - 2022-02-09

PHOTO: Resident wombat eating grass, Macedon Regional Park

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Friends Group update (09-Feb-2022)

On Wednesday 3 volunteers and Mick from Parks Victoria spent the morning clearing the walking trail in the forest area between Days Picnic Ground and the Mountain Road. The trail had become overgrown with blackberries and other vegetation and was problematic for walkers.

The weather was fine and a good temperature for working. The job was successfully completed, and will be followed up by spraying of the blackberries by contractors. Many thanks to Janeen, Ashley, Ken and Mick for their efforts.

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  • Major Mitchell Lookout
    The Major Mitchell lookout has great views to the West, and is a great stop on the way to the Memorial Cross.
  • Kurana Crash Memorial
  • Days Picnic Ground
    Every year during the Autumn time, Mount Macedon comes alive with the amazing colours of leaves.
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