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WARNING! Today is a day of TOTAL FIRE BAN
The Macedon Regional Park, and Top of the Range may close early due to these dangerous conditions

SNOW ALERT! Mount Macedon has received snow TODAY
Please visit the SNOWCAM for the latest updates. Drive safely, and keep to the roads in Macedon Regional Park

New website

Published on 2019-11-01 by Top of the Range staff

This is our new website, we hope you find it really easy to use.

Weve updated things like the online booking system to make booking a much easier process. Our SnowCam is faster, and now refreshes more often giving you up-to-the-minute pictures of snow.

Our extensive park directory is also now a great starting point when planning your hikes on our amazing mountain.

There is also a range of new automated features such as fire danger updates, which wil give you accurate info on the fire danger within the park. This will allow you to make safe decisions about visiting on hot days.

Our online menu is updated every few minutes based on what is available. Unlike many food establishments that have large pdf files that are out of date, the Top of the Range menu is always current. This is thanks to our point of sale system C_POS.

Looking for work? Sign up to our new job alerts system, where we will email you everytime we have a vacancy on the team.

Hope you find the site useful! See you soon!

- Luke, and the team

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