Mount Macedon Memorial Cross
One of the most significant war memorials in Victoria
A fitting location for a magnificent monument

After the Shrine of Remembrance, Mount Macedon Memorial Cross is considered to be the most significant war memorial in Victoria. Located on the summit of the mountain within the War Memorial Cross Reserve, this imposing structure stands 21 metres high and commemorates all those who served in wars and conflicts.

Originally built in 1935 by local resident, William Cameron, the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross is a truly remarkable and awe-inspiring monument.

William Cameron

William Cameron, a prominent and wealthy local resident, during the great depression, wanted to do his part for his country and for his community. Building the Memorial Cross.

Mr.Cameron knew that not only would this new monument be a great way to honour our Australian heros, it also provided local jobs. His generousity also extended to the gardens surrounding the Cross and he even donated the road to the summit (which is named Cameron Drive.)

In 2014, Luke Chapman had this painting (below) commissioned to honour this man, it is hanging in the Tea Rooms for the public to view.

Snow at the Memorial Cross

This video was taken in May 2012 and shows the majestic Memorial Cross during a fairly heavy snowfall. We always update our Facebook and Twitter accounts when it snows, follow us to stay informed about when it is snowing on Mount Macedon by following us!

Some facts about the Cross
How tall is the cross?
It is 21 metres tall! ... oh and it's on a mountain that is is 1,001 metres high!
When was the cross originally built?
The Memorial Cross was built in 1935 by William Cameron, a generous local resident whose patriotism and sense of civic duty allowed this great monument to be built. All the while, giving many locals employment in the process.
1.21 Gigawatts!!!
Did you know that the Memorial Cross was actually hit by lightning in 1975? The damage caused by this eventually led to the re-construction of a new cross.
When was the new cross unveiled?
In 1995, after many years of planning and construction, the new and stronger Cross was unveiled. An exact replica of the original, the new cross is built to stand the test of time.
What is the new cross made of?
Solid reinforced concrete! The new cross has been built to stand the test of time.
What was the old cross made of?
The original was built as a steel structure, covered in concrete tiles, painted to simulate sandstone.
Why was the cross replaced?
Years of neglect, and damage from Fire, and the elements led the original structure to become weak; and at risk of falling down.
The book

'The old and the new; the story of the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross' is a 60 page book telling the history of the Memorial Cross from it's original construction in 1935 until it's re-construction in 1995.

Written / compiled by Dr. Frank Moulds and Mrs. Margaret Burns, this book is a wonderful historical record of the Memorial Cross; with first hand accounts and a great selection of photos.

It's available for $14.95 from the front counter at Top of the Range, along with an entire range of other souvenirs of the Memorial Cross including; postcards, magnets and mugs.

The sale of each book even goes to helping the Cross, with $10 from each sale going to the Memorial Cross Committee of Management.


Every year on ANZAC Day (April 25th) Mount Macedon has a dawn service at the Memorial Cross to honour those who have fought and died for Australia.

Growing in size year after year, the Mount Macedon Dawn Service is a very moving service dedicated to Australia's heroes.

In the weeks before ANZAC Day, we will post updates on information for those wishing to attend the service.


The Memorial Cross is located at 415 Cameron Drive, Mount Macedon... Right next to Top of the Range tea rooms, and Harbison picnic ground.

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