The Camel's Hump
At the summit of Mount Macedon
Sticking out of Mount Macedon like a... Camel's Hump

Like nearby Hanging Rock, this rocky outcrop is a mamelon – a volcanic feature formed six million years ago when thick lava squeezed through a narrow vent in the earth’s crust. The highest peak in the range, Camels Hump offers superb views of Hanging Rock and the surrounding countryside.

Named for it's distinctive shape and position on Mount Macedon, the Camel's Hump has a viewing platform at the top of a 300 metre path. There is a carpark and information board at the base and is a popular stop along Cameron Drive on the way to the Memorial Cross.


A small selection of images of the walking track to the top of the Camel's Hump.

Things to see & do...
  • Hiking
  • Sight-seeing / lookout
  • Rock-climbing
  • Birdwatching
  • Historical location compass

500 metres into Cameron Drive, just off Mount Macedon Road.

There is a carpark, and information board at the base.

  • Car parking
  • Information board
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